Leadership is not just taught, it’s experienced!
Imran Sayeed, Chief Technology Officer NTT Data

Leadership Game & Business Coaching Minneapolis

"...a transformational experience"

Leadership development for your entire team

Discover the Leadership Game difference for your Minneapolis-based business. John Maxwell developed this game from years of experience, incorporating the business and leadership lessons he learned along the way. Combining leadership principles and values with powerful coaching questions, the Leadership Game creates the perfect environment for your team to learn leadership skills through this fun and interactive experience. 


the power of questions

Good questions inform, great questions transform

The Leadership Game is a one-of-a-kind leadership development experience that combines core leadership principles with the power of questions to create an interactive leadership development activity that will transform your entire team. 


Facilitate leadership development

The power of questions depends on the type of questions being asked. In the Leadership Game, your trained facilitator will ask powerful and empowering questions to help your team discover leadership principles that facilitate personal growth and development. 


discover strengths & gaps

Our leadership learning combined with powerful questions will help your people identify the strengths they bring to the team and learn how to work together to accomplish goals and build a culture of success. 


enhance communication

Powerful questions will open lines of communication as your team learns to listen well to each other and builds community around a shared goal and vision. 


The power of gaming

If you've tried other leadership training techniques and are looking for a new way to engage and build your team, then the Leadership Game is for you. Recent studies show that a team game experience can improve learning and application for participants. 


 job application

97% of game participants apply what they learned to their jobs


motivated learning

60% of leaders say game learning motivates them to grow personally and professionally


increased productivity

80% of learners report they are more productive from leadership games


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