Building Teams & Developing People

Building Teams & Developing People

This experience will:
• Increase your Leadership capacity
• Enhance your skills to Motivate difficult employees
• Boost your productivity
• Improve your ability to develop a powerful Team

Session 1: Awaken

Awaken your potential for leadership

  • Unlock the possibilities of growing your leadership
  • Develop an awareness of your own leadership potential
  • Build the confidence and strength to lead
  • Exercise untapped strength
  • Assess your leadership and personality style
  • Design a leadership legacy

Session 2: Motivate

Motivate your most difficult People

  • Everyone person can be motivated
  • Simple acts can make a powerful difference
  • Leadership development is a process, not an event.
  • People follow people they know like and trust, be that person
  • Discover how to coach your people to success

Session 3: Build

Building a great team

  • The #1 quality required to build a team is self-awareness
  • Working together everyday does not make a group a team
  • Great teams have leaders that enable them to lead
  • It takes the highest skills of a leader to build a team

Session 4: Develop

Develop Yourself

  • Growth doesn’t happen by accident; it’s intentional
  • Leadership doesn’t develop in a day it takes a life time
  • We must add value to ourselves before we can empower others
  • Develop Personal Leadership Development Plan
  • Decide people worth investing time

Session 5: Communication

Communication changes every thing

  • Everybody communicates, few connect
  • Great communicators initiate to set the tone
  • The receiver defines communication
  • Leaders learn to connect to increase your influence
  • Intentionally use all time at work to communicate