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You may be asking, "how does it work?" The Leadership Game is designed to be facilitated by a trained John Maxwell coach who can walk your team through the game, maximizing your results. We partner with team leaders like you to plan and execute a leadership development experience designed with your team in mind. Once we've agreed on a specific date, we ask your team to show up with open minds and we get started in revealing your strengths, opening communication and raising awareness to develop leaders who make a difference at all levels of leadership.  



retreats & team building

Creating a dynamic and effective team-building experience requires strategy and know-how. Whether you are looking for in-house leadership development ideas or brainstorming additional items for your team retreat agenda, the Leadership Game is the perfect tool to create connection and community for any size team. 

Your Leadership Game facilitator, Dr. Stephen Crawford, works with you to design the Leadership Game experience that will help your people with personal growth, improve your team culture and learn how to work together for great results. 


Dr. Stephen Crawford is the president and founder of Experience Leadership, an organization designed to inspire leaders to grow while enhancing their influence in the places they work, study, and serve. As a leadership development expert, business coach and motivational speaker, Stephen has trained thousands of leaders seeking to improve their leadership skills. With expertise in leadership development, teamwork, diversity, and experiential education, he uses his training as a certified coach and facilitator of John Maxwell's Leadership Game to bring health and vitality to your team.


take the next step and invest in your team

Investing in your team is easy with a trained facilitator and John Maxwell's Leadership Game. Just reach out and we'll walk you through the process. We'll answer any questions and start partnering with you to design a transformational leadership development experience as you take the next step with your team.