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Does the health of your company keep you up at night?

Healthy organizations know that investing in your team and building a culture of connection leads to amazing results. The leadership game by John Maxwell is the perfect leadership experience to build your Minneapolis-based team while having fun together. 


Reveal strengths

Game facilitation for effective results

What does it take to understand your strengths and gaps as a team? John Maxwell's leadership game is facilitated by a trained business coach who is an expert on team dynamics. Together, we'll add value to your team while uncovering each team member's strength and gaps. In the process, you'll understand how to continue to grow as a team and contribute to your organization. 

Because, when people get better, teams get better.


Raise Awareness

The John Maxwell Leadership Game will raise the level of awareness for your entire team. You'll not only learn about each others' strengths, but learn how to work productively as a team. The end result? Your talent will become better leaders and team players as they become mindful of the strengths of each team member and how to work together more efficiently. 


Increase Productivity

As a leader, you want two things: You want a team that's productive and enjoys working at a high level. Our leadership game experience is a fun and interactive way to lower stress and increase productivity. We like to say that healthy organizations and happy employees lead to amazing results. 


Leadership Game Options

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Everything rises and falls on leadership
John Maxwell

The Leadership Game is a fun and interactive experience designed by John Maxwell to help your team understand leadership principles and values. Discover how the Leadership Game works and can maximize the potential of your team.