Six Keys to Building Respect on Your Minneapolis Leadership Team

One of the keys to a great team is building mutual respect as your work together. As the leader, building respect is an important factor in your Minneapolis leadership team. In the Law of Respect, John Maxwell reminds us that people naturally follow leaders who are better and stronger leaders.

When people respect you as a person, they admire you. When they respect you as a friend, they love you. When they respect you as a leader, they follow you.
— John C. Maxwell

So, how do you build respect and develop your leadership ability?

Assess where you are today

Any good coach will tell you that before you can work on developing an action plan for building respect on your team, it’s important to assess where you are. Start by measuring your current level of respect. We can start by asking ourselves three questions:

  • Who are you attracting? It’s been said that you can measure the quality of leadership by looking behind you. Examine the caliber of people who are choosing to follow you. The higher the caliber of people following, the greater your leadership respect.

  • What is your team’s commitment level? It’s not only important to measure quality on your team, you must also measure commitment. Is your team ready to step up when asked, take risks, put in long hours, and ready to change when needed? If your team expresses doubt and frequent excuses, that could be an indicator for decreasing respect.

  • How do those closest to you see you? Those who know you best are a great indicator of how you build respect. Think about your family, close friends, and the people you work closely with everyday. Do they show you respect and are they following?

Six keys to living in a way that builds respect

Great leadership and respect isn’t developed when you’re at the office. Leadership respect is part of how you live your life everyday. These six keys will help you build respect both with your team and the close relationships in your personal life.

  1. Invest in your leadership ability

    In general, people are more likely to follow those who possess natural leadership ability. Investing in your own leadership development can increase your leadership ability and the respect of your people.

  2. Show respect to others

    Your team is watching how you treat others. From potential clients to the cleaning service for your office, your followers will note how you interact with and treat other people. Avoid relying on persuasion, manipulation or intimidating to get others to do what you ask. Instead, treat them with respect.

  3. Walk in courage

    One mark of great leadership is courage. Great leaders walk in courage when they lead in spite of potential risk or criticism for unpopular decisions. When you increase your ability to make courageous decisions, your team’s respect increases as well.

  4. Strive for success

    It’s difficult to explain away a good track record. Followers are naturally drawn to those who accomplish results and experience success. Be sure to celebrate your wins as a team and the successes of individuals on your team.

  5. Commit to Loyalty

    You may have noticed that our culture is changing constantly. Leaders who build respect are leaders who persevere in committing to their vision and back their team when faced with challenges. Loyalty is an asset that can empower your team to increase productivity and collaboration while increasing respect.

  6. Add value to others

    Living in a way that builds respect may require a change in perspective. Your peers and followers alike value a leader who adds value. Consider how you can add value to your team, your clients, and those closest to you.

Building respect is an important factor when it comes to developing your team and growing your business. Practicing these six keys can help you build respect in every area of your life while you invest in your own leadership development. If you’re ready to take the next step to invest in your leadership ability, we’re here to help.