The 5 Benefits of Leadership Retreats

Leadership retreats can make a positive impact on your team and the growth of your business. Experts agree that getting away from the whirlwind of the office can help your team increase creativity and productivity. Are you wondering if the benefits outweigh your down time? Your next leadership retreat can benefit your team in the following ways: 


1. Identify individual strengths

Getting away from it all gives your team a chance to zero in on individual strengths. Through team building and individual exercises, your key people can learn about their own strengths and how to use those strengths to contribute to the goals of the team. 

2. Build trust


Time spent together equals increased trust. Spending casual time away from the office will help your people build trust when it comes to working together. Getting away from to-do lists helps your team relax, get to know one another, and connect in new ways.

3. Unify your team

Build unity through a common retreat experience. Your team will learn about each others' strengths and how to work together productively. Back at the office, you'll see quick results as your talented group works together toward a common goal. 

4. Improve communication

As your team gets to know one another away from the office, internal communication improves. Most teams report improved communication as a result of their enriched relationships. 


5. Increase productivity

Your team will experience increased productivity as they put their key learnings into practice.  Most teams see greater efficiency as they return to the office and work together on their shared goals. 

Leadership retreats can help your team expand creativity and productivity as you invest in building strengths around a common goal.  At the Leadership Game, we're here to help.  We offer leadership retreat facilitation using John Maxwell's Leadership Game that has proven results in identifying strengths and building team unity. 

stephen Crawford