Four Keys to Developing the Team for Your Minneapolis Business

As a Minneapolis business owner and team leader, you face challenges in all aspects of your business. One of the biggest challenges you face is what John Maxwell calls the Law of Addition, which answers the questions, “How do leaders add value to their team?” Adding value to your people can build your business and develop an ownership mindset in your team.


If you’ve been looking for wisdom on how to add value to your team, we have four ideas that will help.

90% of all people who add value to others do so intentionally
— John Maxwell | The Law of Addition
  1. Truly value others

    Valuing others is the key to developing your team and reaching your greatest potential together. They key to truly valuing others is being intentional in the way you interact and work with your team. Valuing your team is more than a good job when it’s earned. Valuing your team includes caring for the people on your team in such a way that they know you care. You can determine where you are today by working through the following statements:

    • Name 5 people in your personal life closest to you.

    • Next to each name, write 3 ways you show them you care. If you cannot write 3 ways you show them you care daily, write 3 ways you are willing to do.

2. Choose to make yourself more valuable to others


As a leader, you know that how you show up for your team makes a difference in collaboration, productivity, and their success. Sometimes we need to press pause on our instincts to push our team and stop to ask “What do I have to give to my team?” Empowering your team to grow personally and professionally will include the intentional choice to show up with your natural talent and skills as you lead. Consider teaching your team the skills you’ve learned from your years of experience, offer opportunities to try new and different things, and passing on the wisdom you’ve gained in business and in life. As you make yourself more valuable to others, your team members will naturally develop into leaders that help grow your business.

3. Know and relate to what others value

Values can be as unique as people. The things that you value as a business owner or leader may not be the exact same things the people on your team value. The best way to develop awareness of the values of others is to listen, learn, and then lead. Valuing people includes understanding what they value.


4. Choose respect

The bottom line in developing any business team is to choose respect. Respect who they are as people. Respect their values. Respect their talents. And respect their contribution to your team. Be intentional about creating a culture of respect for your team by choosing to lead with respect anytime your team is working together. If you’re seeking to ensure respect on your team, here are some things you can be asking yourself:

  • Do you have an open door policy?

  • Does your team work FOR you or WITH you?

  • Do you personally know the people you lead?

  • Have you listened to your story?

As a leader, you can add value to your team by taking time to know your people, choosing respect both professionally and personally, and honoring your team values together. If you’re ready to further invest in developing your team, Experience Leadership is ready to help. Simply contact us to learn more about our leadership development presentations, coaching and assessments.

stephen Crawford