Building Trust in Your Leadership with Your Minneapolis Team

When is comes to leading your Minneapolis team, trust is the foundation that makes leading your team possible. But how do you build trust in the midst of goals and deadlines? Building trust on your leadership team is a matter of consistency, potential and respect.

Character makes trust possible. And trust makes leadership possible.
— John Maxwell

Building trust with the people you lead starts with your character. Your character communicates the type of leader you will become. As you lead your team, you can’t take short cuts to becoming respected as a leader. You must lead with character, recognize your faults, admit your mistakes openly, and make the necessary changes your team needs.

Every leader who builds trust, displays these common character traits.



Consistency is the key to building trust in any organization. If your team doesn’t know what to expect, they won’t look to you for leadership. When you lead with a lack of consistency, your ability to perform in your team’s eyes will continue to change. However, when you show up consistently, your team will know and depend on you to lead them well.


No leader builds a great team just by talking about it. Trust is built when you align your words and actions. Your team will notice when you achieve results with integrity and show a personal regard for their well being inside and outside the office. Believing in your potential and the potential of your team will demonstrate you inner character and create a culture of trust in your organization.



Building respect is a key ingredient of lasting leadership. Building respect starts with making sound decisions, admitting your mistakes, and putting what’s best for the company or team ahead of your own personal agenda.

Character matters when it comes to leading your team and growing your business. The amount of trust your people have in you directly affects your ability to influence your team. Here at Experience Leadership, our goal is to partner with you to build trust and lead your team with character. If you’re ready to learn more about our leadership development programs, we’re ready to help!

stephen Crawford