5 Phases of Leadership Growth for Your Minneapolis Businesses

Your Minneapolis business growth is a direct result of the time you spend investing in you. If you want to grow your business, you’ll need to spend time developing leadership skills that can keep your business growing. In the course of any leader’s development, we’ve identified five phases of leadership growth. Using these five phases, will help you identify where you are today and what steps you can take to grow in your leadership skills.

Phase 1: I don’t know what I don’t know

Many leaders start out thinking they won’t become a good leader naturally. However, good leadership can be developed with good training and practice. It is important to recognize that leadership is influencing and developing your team. Each of us can grow as a leader by striving to learn what it takes to be a positive influence in growing your team.


Phase 2: I know what I need to know

When you decide to step up as a leader, you might realize that you lack some of the skills or knowledge to fulfill your duty to become a good leader. At this point, you’ll want to decide whether you’ll commit to learning the skills necessary to become a good leader. An important part of being a leader is learning what you need to know.

Phase 3: I know what I don’t know

In order to be a successful, it is important to recognize areas you need to improve on and learn about. Leadership isn’t just about helping others but also helping yourself to improve as the leader of your business. Your employees will respond better to an example rather than just words. With the list of things you know you need to improve on, plan out over time your actions steps for learning and improving your leadership skills.

Phase 4: I know and grow, and it starts to show

Becoming a leader doesn’t happen overnight. It take a lot of time and effort, but it also takes the support of others as you support them. As you start to work on your leadership skills, it is important for your employees to know what tools you can offer and for you to know what your employees need. As your employees start to see your growth as a leader, it will improve the flow of your business. Just stay focused on your goal and keep improving.


Phase 5: I simply go because of what I know

Putting your leadership skills into action can be hard work that pays off in the long run. During this phase, your leadership skills and planning will start becoming part of your daily routine. These instincts will guide you on the journey of leadership. All of your hard work will pay off as your team and business continue to grow.

The leadership journey can be difficult, but worth the investment for you and your team. At Experience Leadership, we want to help you reach your potential as a leader and grow your business. If you are ready to take your leadership skills to the next level, we’re here to help!

stephen Crawford