7 Factors of Leadership Development for Minneapolis Businesses

Investing in your own leadership development can impact your career and your business. When it comes to being intentional about growing as a leader, there are seven factors every leader should be paying attention to.


1. Character

When seeking to lead and influence others, it’s important to show who you are as a person. Your team will respect a sense of honesty, integrity, and heart. They’ll also look to your example for the kind of person that they want to be.

2. Relationships

Surrounding yourself with the right people and forming deep relationships can influence the loyalty of your employees. Taking your relationships beyond the office will help you develop influence among the employees.


3. Knowledge

As a leader, it’s essential to know your stuff. Employees that see you as a leader will seek you out with questions or for some much needed advice. Being open to lifelong learning and developing your own expertise can help you lead and mentor your team.


Good leaders will dig deeper than surface level and pay attention to their employee’s feelings. Your energy and morale hugely impacts your business and the people around it. This intuition can carry your business towards great heights.


Every leader faces challenges. Going through the obstacles and powering through the challenges can help you learn to be a better leader. Employees will see this and gain great respect for you and your leadership.

Past Success


Past successes can not only boost your confidence, but give your team peace of mind that their future is secure. They will become more comfortable with your influence if they know how you have succeeded as a leader. Finding more ways to excel can help your employees take ownership with you for the success of your business.


Ultimately, your employees will want to know what you can do. Can you take your business to the next level? Leading out front with your vision, strengths and abilities will inspire your team to follow and contribute with their strengths too.

These 7 factors will impact the strength of your business and the development of your team. Developing these qualities is one of the keys to improving your leadership ability. Experience Leadership provides training opportunities to give you the skills you need for success.

stephen Crawford