5 Myths of Leadership for Minneapolis Businesses

Growing your business is often one of your top priorities. However, even good leaders can embrace some common myths when it comes to leading their teams. Understanding these five myths will help you  grow as a leader as you lead your business to success.


The myth of management   

In large companies, managers are tasked with overseeing  smaller portions of the company. One big myth that we can fall into as leaders is to assume that all managers are leaders. What’s the difference? Managers influence people by the rules, policies, and procedures that they enforce. Leaders influence people with their ideas and vision. Your team will get energy from your ideas and goals for the company and seek your guidance, not the rule book.

The myth of entrepreneurship   


Just because someone created a company does not mean that they have the skills to lead it. Being able to see needs and find a way to fulfill them while being financially stable is an amazing skill to have. If you have this skill, be sure to use it to your advantage. However, that skill does not make you a leader. In order to be a leader, you’ll need to be skilled at working with people through influence and motivation.

The myth of knowledge   

People that have great knowledge and guidance might seem like good candidates for leadership, but those skills are not what makes a leader great. What makes a great leader is their ability to inspire those around them to follow their lead. Guidance moves someone to follow something or someone else, while leadership moves someone to follow you and your goals.

The myth of pioneering

Being efficient and competent is a great skill to have, but finishing tasks quickly does not necessarily make you a great leader. Quite often, a person can have big dreams and get things done only to find no one is following them. If no one is following a leader to their goal, that is a sign that you or one of your team members is not a leader. A leader will naturally motivate others to come with them on their journey.

The myth of position   


The title of a person does not necessarily equal leadership. People will always obey the person in charge as long as they work for them, but if they follow their example even when they are not in the office, that is a sign of your leadership skills. If you take away your position title and people still want to follow your vision and dreams, then you are a good leader.

Becoming a great leader is about choosing to invest in your leadership skills and understanding the myths we listed above. If you’ve fallen into one of these myths or are ready to take your leadership to the next level, then my workshops and coaching can help.